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Be connected with BIM2FM – pit and CAFM Connect

Be connected with BIM2FM – pit and CAFM Connect

When talking about the omnipresent digitalization in the real estate industry, there is usually no way around BIM (Building Information Modeling). Technologies in the form of smart IT tools such as BIM modellers, CDEs or BIM databases efficiently support the BIM method and provide an essential building block for digitalization in the real estate industry.

The essential thing about BIM is the DATA!

Geometric building information is linked with alphanumeric component information in BIM.

The first “BIM data” is created in the early planning phase and is updated throughout the construction phase until “as built”. The data is then transferred to a CAFM system such as pitFM and forms the database for digital real estate operations.

But what data/content is actually needed? And in what form (structure, syntax, format) must they be structured so that they are suitable for use in a CAFM system?

Established industry standards can be very helpful in this task. In the context of BIM, the open IFC standard is now common practice in many BIM projects. However, IFC essentially only provides the container so that data can be exchanged between different IT applications according to a fixed structure, almost loss-free.

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