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ISO 50001 certified energy management solution for measurable sustainability in your company.

Software for energy, resource
& climate management.

Features that provide you with lasting support in your day-to-day business.

Data acquisition
Over 200 interfaces for integrating third-party applications (meters, sensors and data loggers, smart metering systems, BMS and DCS, weather data, etc.).
State-of-the-art technology (REST-API, BACnet, LORA, OPC, etc.) with automated energy data acquisition.

Energy monitoring
Automated monitoring of consumption. Pattern recognition based on the latest AI technology. Self-learning system optimization with continuous service life. Consideration of influencing factors such as weekdays, vacations, public holidays or outside temperature.

Consumption analysis
Formation of EMS-relevant key figures using EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators). Integrated dashboard. CO2 life cycle assessment. Export interface (PDF, MS-Word and CSV). Part of the pitEcoSystem.

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