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pitFM Facility Services
Our service provider solution for FM service,
service providers, operators and building managers

#24-7 Service

Building management in times of digital transformation

Efficient, sustainable and user-focused building management requires a service provider who lives the service concept and is aware of the responsibility of this complex task.
With our CAFM service provider solution pitFM Facility Services, we support you in this challenging task and provide you with the right digital tool.

A central solution for your entire real estate portfolio.

The key to success is the interaction between solution-oriented people and innovative IT tools.


Facility management service providers are experts in managing and operating real estate. The field in which they work is very complex and requires a high level of expertise and a sense of responsibility. In their daily work, they have to satisfy a wide variety of interests.

  • Legally compliant building operation in the context of operator responsibility
  • CO2 reduction and ESG compliance in times of sustainability
  • User satisfaction

pitFM Facility Services

Focus on the essentials
Our service provider solution is optimized to provide facility management service providers with the best possible support in their day-to-day business. From the planning and implementation of the management concept, the execution and invoicing of the services to be provided, to the mobile app for the service staff on site.

One for All
Our service provider solution is technologically based on pitFM. This provides you with the appropriate pitFM Expert, pitFM Smart and pitFM Mobile interfaces for the respective roles and tasks in your day-to-day business. This allows processes to be designed efficiently and sustainably and everyone is only provided with the information they actually need.

Open & innovative
Thanks to its open system architecture, pitFM can be easily integrated into your IT and system infrastructure and linked to new technologies. For example, you can take your helpdesk to a new level with the help of AI and a BOT. How digital transformation works in facility management.

Valid database
Our service provider solution is fully integrated into our pitEcoSystem and supports the open BIM2FM process. This allows you to easily integrate data from a BIM project into pitFM and enrich it with additional data during the management phase. You can also use the same technology to intelligently integrate inventory data. This creates the data basis for sustainable building operation.

Facility management service providers have been relying on our CAFM solution pitFM Facility Services for years. The all-in-one solution when it comes to efficient, digital processes, legally compliant building operation and satisfied users.

“With pitFM Facility Services, we have found a CAFM solution that is optimized for our requirements as an FM service provider. Thanks to the open system architecture, new technologies such as AI and BOT can be easily integrated into pitFM.”

Lars Abel, Team Leader CAFM
RGM Facility Management GmbH

Would you like to find out more about our sector solution for facility management service providers? Our team will be happy to help you.

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