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Climate-neutral secondary processes in hospitals: Symposium on the KlinKe research project

Climate-neutral secondary processes
in the hospital:
Symposium on the KlinKe research project

The healthcare sector accounts for around five percent of Germany’s total CO2 footprint. Hospitals in particular, with their 24/7 operations, have a high CO2 footprint.

KlinKe (“Climate-neutral secondary processes in hospitals”) is a research project at the HWR Berlin, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which has been looking into the ecological sustainability of non-medical processes in German hospitals. Together with a large number of practice partners from various areas, non-medical processes associated with hospital operations (e.g. cleaning, laundry, food supply) were examined for their climate-relevant emissions, potential savings were identified and measures were developed to realize this potential. Based on the findings, a guideline offers hospital operations and facility management service providers in particular the opportunity to examine their own emissions-saving potential and implement measures to reduce emissions.

CAFM Ring e. V. was involved in the project from the outset in its role as a digitalization expert. Once the data required to determine the CO2 emissions was available and the CO2 footprint had been calculated, the data was processed using CAFM Connect and BIM profiles were created for the processes under consideration. In the future, this will make it possible to efficiently support data collection and calculation of the carbon footprint with the help of software tools and to exchange data between the parties involved on the basis of a uniform standard – CAFM Connect. As CAFM Ring, our colleague Thomas Bender actively supported the project from the very beginning and contributed his expertise as a driver of digitalization in the real estate industry.

“The project has shown that sustainability and digitalization go hand in hand. We provided the data required to calculate the carbon footprint digitally in the KlinKe project on the basis of CAFM Connect.” — Thomas Bender, Head of Innovation and Products at the pit Group and CAFM Ring board member

Find out more about climate-neutral secondary processes in hospitals at the symposium on the KlinKe research project!

Free registration until April 11: 🔗 KlinKe