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CAD/BIM is the reliable data source for digital and sustainable building operation and thus the nucleus for your digital building twin.

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CAD/BIM planning tool for building construction and TGA and FM.


Our BIM database is part of pitCDE and is optimized for the management of alphanumeric BIM data. Based on open standards such as IFC and CAFM-Connect.

Our product portfolio
for CAD/BIM.

pitCAD stands for over 30 years of experience in the development of CAD/BIM tools for TGA/building services engineering, architecture and facility management (CAD/BIM2FM).

The latest generation of pitCAD our pitCAD Ultimate has an integrated CAD core. This allows you to get started with your planning tasks immediately without having to install additional CAD/BIM software. Fully integrated into the openBIM process based on open standards such as IFC and CAFM-Connect.

For us, BIM2FM doesn’t just mean integrating the BIM model into our CAFM solution pitFM. By BIM2FM, we also mean the structured recording of alphanumeric BIM data during the planning and construction phase up to the transfer of the FM handover to facility management.

The right tools are also needed for this task. With our pitCDE, we provide you with a tool set that has been explicitly developed for the collection, quality assurance and transfer of alphanumeric data in BIM projects.

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pitCAD Ultimate


pitCAD Ultimate

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