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pitFM Revit Interface 2023 is finished!

pitFM Revit Interface 2023
is finished!

~ The current version is ready for you to download ~


We are pleased to announce that we have completed the latest version of our Revit interface“pitFM Revit Interface 2023 (Rev. 42)“!

Stay tuned and find out more about the latest version:

– Optimization for cable dimensioning
– Support for Revit from version 2021 to 2023
– Already installed pitFM Revit Interface product will be automatically uninstalled when installing the 2023 version. This means that Revit versions smaller than 2021 are no longer supported
– Performance improvements
– Bug fixes

The installation file can now be found on the homepage:
pitFM Revit Interface 2023 (Rev. 42):

This version supports Revit 2021, 2022 and 2023. (No feature update)
The license query of the “Revit” module checks for version >= “3“.

NOTE: This is an upgrade installation. Existing versions are uninstalled. As a result, Revit versions smaller than 2021 are no longer supported.

As a maintenance customer, please also update your license:
Select Start -> Programs -> pit License Management V2 -> pit License Service Configuration, on the License Packs tab select “Check online” and “Apply” and exit the dialog with “OK”.
(Info: If you are licensing on a server, carry out these steps on the license server).

If you have any questions, our experts Thomas Bender( and Valentino Scopece( will be happy to help and advise you at any time.