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Find out everything you need to know for your successful BIM project in our guide:

  • What foundations do you need to lay?
  • How do you create a successful and transparent strategy?
  • How do you manage the smooth transition from planning to building real estate operations?
  • Which structures, standards and tools are necessary for your project realization?
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Everyone is talking about BIM when it comes to digitalization in the real estate sector. But what can it really do?

At its best, BIM and BIM2FM in particular provides you with a valid database and is therefore the basis for efficient and sustainable real estate operations. But of course you need to be aware of what BIM is all about.

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In the BIM2FM guide you can find out more about


So that you can achieve this too,
what you want.


The essential component
of your BIM project.


Your funds for the sustainable
Achieve your goals.

Benefit from our valuable BIM expertise.

This is what our guide is for: it reflects our many years of practical experience from projects over the entire life cycle of a property. It gives you a clear overview of the prerequisites that need to be created for a successful BIM project.
This allows you to make targeted preparations and ultimately achieve a smoother project flow.

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