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pit - cup was founded 1991 in Heidelberg by building and utilities engineers. IT specialists were added to build a competent team, which, introduced the first version of pit - cup CAD for Building Services in the same year

In 1995, we opened a branch office in Schwerin in order to better serve to our customers in Northern and Eastern Germany.

The current version of pit - cup CAD for Building Services is available in German, English, Polish, Czech, Spanish, and Russian. Our customers are located in such diverse countries as Switzerland, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Russia, Luxembourg, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Close contact to the pit - cup Building Services Planning Offices in Heidelberg and our customers working in the field of planning and contracting ensure that our CAD software is being constantly developed on the basis of actual practices in the Building Services field.

pit: The Solution for CAD in the field of Building Services

In 1991, work began on a CAD program that would take into consideration the many different work sequences in our own planning offices and in our customers’ offices. Today, these work sequences are still the standard upon which we base the further development of our software.

It’s no coincidence that we chose AutoCAD as the platform for our software. We base the development of our products on the “open” system employed by the market leader in CAD software, AutoCAD, which allows quick and easy data exchange between, for example, architects, building engineers, and static engineers. Functionality and easy operation have been uniformly programmed into all of the pit - Building Service modules. Full descriptions, including graphic representations, of all of the functions
for each module are available in the pit - online help.

We have also included a full array of default sheets (normally in 2D) for architects, contractors, and planners carrying out modifications. Additional software for scanning drawings on paper is another efficient aid is provided. Drawings can be modified in raster format and supplemented with pit files.


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